How To Exercise For Back Pain Relief Without Making It Worse

By September 5, 2017Blog

A quick google search will pull up tons of exercises and stretches for back pain relief. There’s no shortage of that.

But if you are in serious pain, and your movement is pretty restricted, how the heck are you supposed to downward dog and pigeon pose?

While those are some fantastic movements, they are NOT necessarily good for everyone with back pain right now. Eventually, yes. But there may be a couple steps in between.

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The goal must be to find the greatest amount of movement that causes the least amount of pain. Because simply pushing into movements that still cause pain only does one thing – reinforces the pain.

When it comes to pain, we are talking about the nervous system. And when we re talking about the nervous system, we are talking about the brain. This means that if we keep feeding our brain the experience of, “hey, every time we arch our back, it hurts!”, we aren’t suddenly going to feel any better. In fact, we are reinforcing that brain pattern.

So, we need to extremely incrementally find a range of motion that does not produce pain, so we can erase that pain memory, and instead, build positive muscle memory!

The more positive associations with movement the brain has, the quicker you will get rid of your pain.

You’re probably wondering how you even go about beginning to do this, right?

Watch the video below to see this in action so you can get started right away!

Melanie Daly

For a long time, I felt invincible to my scoliosis. Despite the rods, I managed to go to the gym, run, spin, hike, swim and do basically anything I wanted. In fact, when I first started personal training I became involved in high-intensity interval training, as that was (and still is) all the rage. Learn More >>